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Effective Diet Based on Temperament

Effective Diet Based on Temperament
Effective Diet Based on Temperament ~ Temperament is a solid foundation to build our behavior and characteristics. Temperament is consistent, can not be changed since we were born to die. In addition to affecting the characteristics, temperament seems to also affect our diet so it would be better for us to choose an appropriate diet. Before that, it helps us to recognize a variety of temperament first.


Broadly speaking, the temperament can be divided into two classes, namely extroverts and introverts. Extrovert is a cheerful temperament and characteristics consisting of sanguinis and Choleric. In contrast, an introverted temperament of the people who are usually calm and quiet. This class consists of melancholic temperament and plegmatis.

A. Sanguinis
A sanguinis memilikki cheerful personality, creative, and inquisitive. They usually talk a lot and can be of encouragement to those around him. However, the sanguinis usually very undisciplined and moody. Their mood can change drastically at any time.

2. Choleric
Temperament is temperament typical of the leaders, where they are usually able to control the crowds with their amazing abilities in solving problems. Choleric people memilikki strong desire within them and incredible focus.

3. Melancholy
People with melancholic temperament tend to calm and quiet, memilikki feeling very sensitive, loyal to family and social environment, and act on feelings. A melancholy usually irritable and stubborn.

4. Plegmatis
Not differ much from the melancholy, the people are also quiet and calm plegmatis. They tend not to show emotion in front of the public, so that is sometimes seen as not memilikki emotion. In addition, people with this temperament are very fond of order and tranquility.

Believe it or not, temperament plays a role in determining the style of diet is needed. A diet would be more effective if carried out according to the temperament scheduled.

1. Diet For Sanguinists
Most people sanguinis memilikki excess weight, so that the most effective diet for them is the cereal oat, rice, wheat, and the like.

2. Diet For Choleric
Choleric people tend to like to eat fast food so they are less healthy lifestyles. It is therefore important for them to determine the hours of regular diet.
8 hours: 1 cup of coffee without sugar
10 hours: 1 egg
12 hours: 200 g lean thigh
14 hours: 100 g low-calorie cheese
16 hours: 250 g white cheese
18 hours: 1 cup low-fat milk

3. Diet For Plegmatis
For people who tend to be lazy like plegmatis, proper diet are:
Breakfast: a slice of bread, 1 piece linings and 1 cup orange juice
Lunch: 1 large lettuce leaves, apples, or oranges
Dinner: 150 grams of chicken or beef stew with a bit of fresh vegetables, 125 g of French fries, milk and 1 cup low-calorie.

4. Diet For Melancholy
Because people tend to be weak and calm melancholy, they need a lot of energy intake for their body. For that, they are advised to drink 2 liters of water per day, 8 pieces of lemon and 2-3 tablespoons of honey.

Defining Sleep Quality Healthcare

Defining Sleep Quality Healthcare
Defining Sleep Quality Healthcare ~ Sleep disorders cause insomnia one person awake at night, is one of the conditions that will affect a person's quality of sleep and activity thereafter. In fact, many people suffer from sleep disorders, but few are aware of

sleep soundly

How much sleep is ideal?

Perhaps as we know, at least 6 hours of sleep a person will provide good quality sleep. But in fact, at least 6 hours of sleep does not guarantee someone will get quality sleep. Every person is different to that, some people may take 7-9 hours of sleep a day, and some simply just 5-6 hours. Some even spend time to get more sleep, it could be a sign if someone is stress or depression or chronic fatigue syndrome.

It would be better if we know our own ideal sleep time, it is key to obtaining quality sleep, because sleep quality did not have to have a high quantity, as stated by Carol Ash, medical director of Sleep for Life, in Hillsboroughm NJ

Lack of sleep health hazard

A study conducted in England, observed that a person who constantly has a lack of sleep intensity (defined as less than 5 hours per day) had a higher risk of high blood pressure and cardiovascular problems.

Lack of sleep also increases the risk of obesity, diabetes, depression, alcoholism, and others. In addition, a 2007 study conducted by the University of California, Berkeley, confirmed that lack of sleep or sleep quantity will directly affect the area of ​​the brain that affect mood and concentration.

The characteristics of sleep quality

Talking about the quality of sleep, every person has different problems, and need to combine the quality and quantity of sleep. An insomniac who are awake at night, it will be easier to detect a disturbance in the body, but a person with sleep apnea or habitual snoring during sleep may be more difficult to detect any problems. Symptoms of sleep apnea that is meresa sleepy during the day, for no reason that you do not know know, snore and stop breathing during sleep. A person suffering from sleep apnea at risk for cardiovascular disease. Respiratory problems that often occur at night makes a person deprived of oxygen that can damage the brain, heart and other organs.

The easiest indicator to determine whether the quality of our sleep is to feel what you feel when you wake up. If you wake up feeling fresh or fresh, and the state of siege was a sign you have a quality sleep. The opposite when you wake up with the condition still sleepy or want to go back to sleep, do not focus, and a little emotion, it can be a sign you suffer from sleep disorders.

Tips Choosing Proper Lipstick For You

Tips Choosing Proper Lipstick For You
Tips Choosing Proper Lipstick For You ~ Lipstick is not just cosmetic accessories that most women could not leave, because the lipstick is the part of women's fashion. Lipstick has become one of the cosmetics which is a basic requirement that has been trusted by the majority of women. This article will summarize about lipstick and will help you to choose a lipstick

wearing Lipstick

Not a common thing for women to apply receipts lilpstik before the other and in a hurry when they were using mascara or blush on and then did they use lipstick.

Although the term certainly means a kosmestik lipstick that can be applied to the lips, there are several different ienis on lipstick beli.Setiap available for women to have their own choices when they saw some lipstick with different types and they will choose one of several lipstick it is considered appropriate and what is best for their appearance.

One of different composition are present in a variety of different types of lipstick or a moisturizer that is commonly known as a moisturizer. The content is very important as lipstick may dry up due to weather or lack of humidity levels are present in your home.

The content of other woods are also very important in several different types of lipsticks is sunscreen (sunscreen). Harm caused by sunlight on the skin is very large, therefore it's important to choose a lipstick that contains sunscreen to protect lips are very thin skin. Therefore, it is important to observe just cosmetic products in the cosmetic booths to choose a lipstick that contains sunscreen in it. It is not going to change the look or feel of lipstick lipstick.

All the different types of lipsticks available in a variety of colors. Some women prefer a color that looks thick and there are also some of those who prefer bright colors or dark red color as well. Several other women who choose a color that had the look sheepish. In this case, they want to get a lipstick that has a pale color, like pink or coral possible.

You can also change the look of lipstick according to the event or your mood. If you go to a dinner party, you can choose a lipstick that mencolokyang can complement the clothes you wear. If you go to the beach for a day to rest and relax, lipstick color is best suited for your lipstick with color that is not too prominent.

Although the choice of lipstick color very much, and also there are many brands of lipstick contained in the market.

Cosmetic companies acknowledge that the lipstick is important for the life of cosmetics customers. They want to fix the lip products

How to Eliminate Acne

How to Eliminate Acne
How to Eliminate Acne ~ In the teenage acne usually occur. Acne is a tiny red bumps that usually appear on the face, but sometimes they appear also to other parts of the body. So how to get rid of acne or treat acne acne medications do not need to purchase in the form of an ointment or cream.

eliminating Acne

Acne should not be left alone, otherwise it would interfere with and disrupt the appearance of facial beauty. For it must be done to prevent acne, as the following tips;

A. Clean the skin with acne at least 2 times a day with mild soap and warm water.
2. Eat less foods that contain lots of fat, flour, sugar and fried foods.
3. Reduce also tea, coffee, chocolate and alcohol.
4. Gymnastics in the morning sun illuminated the place good for the body.
5. Regularly consume vegetables and fruits.
6. Hides squeeze pimples, because it may cause irritation.
7. According to the ancient parents, eating lizards or lizard meat to prevent acne (for which this author has not been proved, I never eat the meat of reptiles).

How to get rid of acne could use chemical drugs that can be obtained at pharmacies or shops. But it would be safer if you use natural ingredients. These tips might help;

A. 1sdm sulfur powder mixed with rose water 2sdm, for a face mask before bed.
2. Ripe tomatoes 1 small, chopped and used to rub on the skin of the face 2 or 3 times a day.
3. Cut lemon and rub the skin of the face is used for 2 or 3 times a day.
4. Fruits starfruit 5 pieces, washed and finely ground, mixed with salt to taste water to face with acne menggososk 1 or 2 times a day.
5. Young cucumber a fruit crop, to rub the face 2 or 3 times a day.
6. 1 finger of ginger rhizome, washed and cut into pieces, boiled with water to 4 cups of water to stay 1/4nya. After a cold and drunk with honey to taste 2 or 3 times a day @ ¾ cup.

How to remove acne with herbal ingredients:

A. Starfruit 6 pieces of fruit, ½ teaspoon of sulfur powder, finely ground and dicampu 2sdm lime juice, used to scrub and face mask. Can be used 2 or 3 times a day.
2. 20 jasmine flowers, fruit acid 2 fingers, 1 tablespoon of sulfur powder. All material is washed and finely dirumbuk and mixed with lime juice to rub 2sdm and as an acne face mask. Can use 1 or 2 times a day or when going to sleep.

Beautify the Teeth Safely

Beautify the Teeth Safely
Beautify the Teeth Safely ~ Teeth is one important part of the body in the face like a well-care a priority in treatment, but equally important gears jg for the patient.
An institute survey in Germany mention that beautiful teeth will give the greatest impact in one's appearance was followed by skin care, body and hair. Teeth are good views of the neat arrangement of teeth, shape and color of teeth and teeth that are still functioning properly.

Healthy teeth

With the technological advances in many fields including dentistry didang many things you can do to your teeth can look good, neat and white. The appearance of teeth that can either be done by cosmetic dentist or cosmetic dentistry. This process can be used to fix all the teeth are not a natural condition, but also healthy and functioning well and have a positive impact for each individual.

There are several treatments or methods that can be done with cosmetic teeth whitening in between the teeth or whitening method that works to improve the color of your teeth clean and white to make it look natural. There was also a method of bonding to improve the shape of the gompel teeth, tooth and teeth slotted berkarises. And if having a problem with tooth structure that is not good can be done by mounting stirrup that can improve the structure and order of the teeth to make it look more neat and attractive, in addition to repair the tooth structure, mounting stirrup now also been made ​​as a fashion trend, but are suggested in mepercantik tooth to be done by an expert physician in order to avoid a fatal mistake.
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